What to Wear When Kayaking – A Woman’s Guide

Besides general kayaking essentials, a kayak, and a paddle, much thought goes into choosing the kind of apparel to wear. If you are just getting started with kayaking, you will be confronted with vast options when deciding what to wear.

Before setting out for any kayaking expedition, you must invest in layers made of materials that do not soak up water. This property comes in handy when selecting quality women’s workout pants and kayaking gear. Materials that do not absorb water do not wick up moisture when working out and will not only take moisture away from your skin but also weigh you down when you fall into the water.

For your sake, you also need to dress for the temperatures, both the water and the environment. Paying close attention to the temperatures is convenient, especially when you end up in the water and must spend some time getting back into your boat.

The Best Clothes Wear

The best outfits to wear on a kayak should be comfortable, especially when it gets wet. It is common to find some beginners in women’s workout pants or running gear while they need a wetsuit to keep them warm and dry during their entire expedition.

There are different types of wetsuits. Thick wetsuits, for instance, are ideal for cold conditions. The beauty of most wetsuits is that they have ample room to accommodate some swimwear underneath, or you might opt to go commando.

Overall, with experience, you can make informed choices on what to wear. This way, you can choose quality gear that matches your needs.

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