Kayak Types

When someone is choosing which kayak to buy, they undoubtedly need to take its purpose into account. Over the years, a number of specialist types have been developed. They tend to be categorised based on their application. For example, sea and touring options are focused on stability in rough water conditions. Racing kayaks naturally prioritise speed above everything else. The ones made for fishing will need to have attachments for rods and other gear.

Recently newer types have been created. For example, disabled athletes might utilise para-canoes in specialist competitions. These vehicles will take the unique needs of the rider into account. This shows just how versatile kayaks can be.

Broadly speaking, these vessels have two distinct types. Sit-in ones have a space inside for the rider to fit themselves into. Sit-on-top kayaks are inspired by paddleboards. They have footrests and backrests on the outside of the hull. They closely resemble surfboards in their design.

In the future, it seems likely that newer hybrids will be created. Kayaks have a plethora of uses. More affordable and innovative manufacturing processes have led to the invention of exciting kayak types.

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