Kayak Materials

The material that a kayak is made from will dictate its weight and durability. A lot of people prefer it when these vessels are made from fibreglass. This is due to the fact that the hull will be stiffer compared to polyethene. However, if the kayak hits something, it will be more prone to cracking. News sites such as Sky regularly report on professional kayak tournaments. The vehicles in these competitions are often made from a lightweight material such as fibreglass.

If people are not concerned about the weight, they may choose one made using a plastic resin. These are popular because they are more resistant to impact. Recently, inflatable kayaks have become more popular. This is due to the ease of storing and transporting them. They can be made from Hypalon or PVC. The latter is a cheaper option.

People seeking something with a more classic look could purchase a wooden kayak instead. The hulls are usually solid and can be coated in an epoxy resin. The type of wood can vary. Plywood, thuja, pine and redwood are popular choices. Generally speaking, higher quality wood will be more expensive.

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